Fender Passport Mini guitar amplifier top-panel view

Review: Fender Passport Mini Portable Amp

With a dedicated guitar channel featuring three types of guitar modeling and four electric amp models, along with a separate vocal input, and a 1/8-inch input for CD or MP3 players, the Passport Mini offers a ton of flexibility within its diminutive 7.25-pound package
Fender Acoustasonic 150 amp

Review: Fender’s Acoustasonic 150 Combo Amp Has a Smorgasbord of Features in a Small Package

Fender had long been a revered name in electric guitar amplification when the company introduced its Acoustasonic line of acoustic guitar amplifiers in the mid-1990s. These excellent-sounding, smartly priced models finally granted acoustic guitarists access to what electric players enjoyed about Fender amps: consistently great sound in roadworthy packages. Building on…