These articles originally appeared in the August 2017 issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine.

Vintage acoustic guitar with a shrinking pickguard.

Ask the Expert: Vintage Guitars and Aging Plastic Parts

Hello, gentle readers. Lately, I’ve received lots of questions about issues stemming from aging plastics on old guitars. From curling pickguards to binding rot, it’s one of the things that people have to bear in mind when buying and playing older instruments. Q: I bought a Martin 0-18 from the…


Paul Mehling with his guitar

Video Lesson: 6 Steps to Rock-Solid Rhythm

THE PROBLEMYou’re dissatisfied with your rhythm playing. THE SOLUTIONSummarize the range of sounds you can get from your right hand—basically discuss the problem and emphasize that there are ways to fix it. Then break those problems down in a list (with music examples) of specificexercises or techniques that you can add…

Joan shelley

Watch Joan Shelley and Nathan Salsburg Play ‘Wild Indifference’

The Kentucky-based folk singer-songwriter Joan Shelley calls forth colorful sonic landscapes within her trademark economical songs. This is particularly evident on one of her latest tunes, “Wild Indifference,” in which her gently strummed patterns intertwine beautifully with embellishments from her co-guitarists, Nathan Salsburg on the acoustic and James Elkington on…


Album Review: George Thorogood’s ‘Party of One’ (Rounder)

Boogie King’s acoustic and resonator guitars shine on true solo album Musical trends and fads come and go, but 40 years after the release of his still-fresh-sounding debut album, George Thorogood continues to play pretty much what he’s always played: blues in every shade, from raunchy to delicate; screaming slide;…