Summer NAMM 2017: Watch TKL Show Off Its New Cases

At Summer NAMM 2017, TKL released some of its new cases, (all handmade in Virginia) one of which was a Concept Dreadnought Case, a lightweight, durable hardshell that comes in a multitude of sizes (Double 0, Triple 0, Small Jumbo, and Jumbo were all mentioned) and colors (black, white, gold, slate blue, and silver).


Also demoed was a new Harptone case. (Harptone is the oldest American guitar case company and is a division of TKL.) The black model displayed had a double neck rest, extra padding, and is made for 12- and 14-fret acoustic guitars.

Watch more videos from Summer NAMM 2017 here.

Acoustic Guitar Editors
Acoustic Guitar Editors