SUMMER NAMM 2016: New Accessories from Tascam, Elite Acoustics, Ortega Guitars, Hercules Stands

Companies at Summer NAMM introduced a wide array of accessories for the acoustic guitar player looking to record, amplify, add percussion, and hold a tablet while on stage or in the studio.

First, Tascam‘s Eric Larsen talks about the new iXR USB Audio/MIDI interface with iOS connectivity, making recording easier via iPad and iPhone music and recording apps.


Above, watch Nina Mach demonstrate Elite Acoustics‘ new A1BR8, an acoustic amplifier with high-tech perks.

Ortega Guitars reveals its new Horse Kick stomp box. Watch above.

Lastly, Angelica Lattimore of KHS America, demonstrates the benefits of the company’s latest crop of Hercules Stands, a fully adjustable tablet stand.

Watch more videos from Summer NAMM 2016 here.

Acoustic Guitar Editors
Acoustic Guitar Editors