Song Premiere: The Wild Reeds Issue ‘Best Wishes,’ a 3-Song EP


The Wild Reeds—Kinsey Lee, Sharon Silva, and Mackenzie Howe—have released a new three-song EP, Best Wishes.

Listen to “What I Had in Mind” from the EP.

“‘What I Had in Mind’ came to me at midnight as an extended vocal diary entry after being blind sighted at the loss of a major relationship,” says Lee. “It’s not often that a song comes out in one piece, but in this case there was very little alteration from that night.


“The song speaks almost as an inverse of intimate vows given at the start of a heavy commitment.”

And check out a recent Acoustic Guitar Sessions video of the Wild Reeds.


Watch the Los Angeles-based trio play “Let No Grief” and “Foreigner,” off their debut album Blind and Brave, and the track “The World We Built.”

While they now perform live as a full indie-rock band, this is a chance to see the women unplugged and boasting gorgeous three-part harmonies over a harmonium and two acoustic guitars (including a solid mahogany Martin 00-15 and a Loar LO-16).

For more Acoustic Guitar Sessions, check out the archive.


Greg Cahill
Greg Cahill