Shock and Wonder: Acoustic Effects, No Amp Required!

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An innovative, award-winning company with obsessed fans and raving customers, ToneWoodAmp has been leading a revolution in the music world with the invention of an unassuming, compact little black box that creates effects for acoustic guitars—unplugged. Now, ToneWoodAmp introduces a new video series, “For Strummies”, featuring UK prodigy Connor Thomas playing clever takes on musical hits while demoing the ToneWoodAmp and its effects.

Click here to start watching the “ToneWoodAmp for Strummies” series, and visit for more information.

About ToneWoodAmp

Compatible with virtually any acoustic guitar, the TonewoodAmp is the first and only product of its kind to use an acoustic guitar’s own body and soundhole to create a range of enhancement effects—unplugged. No amp, no cables, no pedals. And yet, all the effects we know and love—from multiple reverb and tremolo tones to delay, echo, autowah, overdrive, and chorus. The magic? Effects-on-the-go, anytime, anywhere, no amp required! And while the instrument’s own unique voice is preserved, the ToneWoodAmp infinitely expands the options for an unparalleled playing and listening experience.

At music shops and tradeshows, where the ToneWoodAmp can be demoed, it’s common to witness wide-eyed customers react to what they’re hearing with giant smiles and amused shock and wonder. But otherwise describing a device so utterly unique can be hard to explain, epitomizing the saying, “You’ve got to see it (or rather, hear it) to believe it.”

The For Strummies series

To charmingly overcome that hurdle (and to the delight of their customers), ToneWoodAmp has created a new video series called “ToneWoodAmp for Strummies,” a collection of videos featuring various musicians highlighting the device’s many capabilities demoed by UK prodigy guitarist Connor Thomas (the company is also great at promoting musicians).

Connor Thomas gives listeners a tour (de force) of the ToneWoodAmp, playing tunes that emphasize each available effect and parameter…you won’t believe your ears.

Click here to start watching the “ToneWoodAmp for Strummies” series, and visit for more information.

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