Shana Cleveland | The Acoustic Guitar Podcast Sessions

Enjoy a performance and get to know singer-songwriter Shana Cleveland.

Catch up with singer-songwriter (and La Luz lead guitarist) Shana Cleveland in this bonus Acoustic Guitar Sessions episode. We talk shredding, open tunings, playing guitar outside, and enjoy a performance of “Quick Winter Sun” from her latest album, Manzanita.

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Joey Lusterman
Joey Lusterman

Opinionated creative slash beginning guitarist. Joey has worked in every department at Acoustic Guitar in the past 10+ years: front desk, ad sales, editorial, sound guy, camera man, booth babe, email coder, podcast editor, photographer, book designer…

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  1. I’m so glad I listened to the Shana Cleveland podcast. I wasn’t familiar with her music and as soon as she started playing and singing I was hooked so continued listening to the podcast. Her style and approach to songwriting is refreshing and inspiring. Thank you!