Setting Up Your Acoustic Guitar Has Never Been Easier

Sponsored by MusicNomad:

MusicNomad has demystified the guitar setup process by developing the KEEP IT SIMPLE SETUP (KISS)™ system with innovative, precision gauges and tools combined with step-by-step general guidelines anybody can follow. The goal of having the best sound and easiest playability on your guitar can be attained with a basic setup. Whether you take it to a tech or prefer to do it yourself, every player should know the proper areas to adjust on your guitar to attain great sound and playability. Not only is it fun, but a properly setup guitar takes your playing and sound to a whole new level.

For 2 years, MusicNomad researched and developed the KEEP IT SIMPLE SETUP (KISS)™ system that anyone can follow to setup their guitar. Their instructional booklet shows you both how to measure using the gauges and adjust using their tools. They also have how-to videos for every setup job by task and full instructional setup videos by guitar brands such as Taylor® and Martin®. MusicNomad gives you the exact spec you need by instrument type, including instructions printed right on the gauges taking the guesswork out of each task.


MusicNomad’s 6 pc. Setup Kit (MN604) includes a: Truss Rod Gauge, Pick Capo, String Action Gauge, 2 Radius Gauges, Nut Height Gauge and the 24-page instructional booklet, that is downloadable in 7 languages. The complete Starter Kit Bundle (MN609) is the way to go. It includes: 6 pc. Precision Gauge Set, 26 pc. Guitar Tech Tool Set and 11 pc. Truss Rod Wrench Set, all the gauges and tools you need for your setup. You will need nut files to complete the setup. MusicNomad’s patent pending Nut Files feature a revolutionary diamond coating and round “string-shape” blade design resulting in smooth, precision cuts. They cut and polish slots at the same time and do not drift like common toothed files. They offer a custom set with 6 Nut File sizes for Acoustic Guitar (MN670). That’s MusicNomad quality – raising the bar in equipment care.

Learn more on the KISS system at MusicNomad’s Setup Hub:

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