Watch guitarist, educator, and Acoustic Guitar Magazine contributor Sean McGowan perform “August” and “October”—two fingerstyle guitar pieces that “don’t necessarily sound like jazz per se,” as McGowan says, but feature improvisation and a general air of sonic exploration. 

With a gorgeous Bourgeois OM Cutaway guitar in hand, McGowan also gives a mini lesson on extended fretting technique and explains his process of composing and arranging for the guitar. 


This AG Session was shot while McGowan took a break from filming new pieces for the expanded edition of his ever-popular Holiday Songs for Fingerstyle Guitar songbook. And if you’re wondering, “Why are they filming Christmas songs in August?” Well, that’s just how we roll. But seriously, if you want to have these intermediate-to-advanced arrangements under your fingers by the time the holiday season rolls around, it wouldn’t hurt to get started soon! 

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