Santa Cruz Guitar Company NAMM Show Recap

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While most guitar makers attending the NAMM show were focused on new models, Santa Cruz Guitar Company once again presented a snapshot of their daily production: extremely custom, one-of-a-kind instruments built for sophistication of sound, ease of playability and players’ personal taste.

In the past few years, orders for SCGC’s customized models had far eclipsed the demand for standard. Players were discovering the sonic superiority of master grade, responsibly harvested tone woods, when used in the build of a custom Santa Cruz Guitar.  

As a result, at the beginning of 2019, SCGC restructured their catalog of models to come standard with enhanced tonewoods, as well as a long list of inclusive options that could be selected without ANY increase in price. A comprehensive array of additional tonewoods and complex options was still available at an upcharge. The goal was twofold:  make the custom ordering process easier, and make less guitars, but more custom ones.

The plan was a success. Santa Cruz Guitar Company produced less guitars in 2019 than the previous years, but enjoyed increased sales and revenue.  This planned decrease in production allowed SCGC to focus the attention needed to build 400 custom guitars to the players’ satisfaction, dialing in requested tonality, playability and aesthetics. Quality over quantity is the foundation of Richard Hoover’s vision and Santa Cruz Guitar Company’s philosophy. They serve the market best as a select team of traditional luthiers who build with only the best materials, and focus their time and expertise on highly skilled, personalized offerings.

Santa Cruz Guitar Company invites you to visit their website and explore the possibilities for customizing your own acoustic. They will work with you directly on your design, and then connect you with your local, SCGC dealer to place the order. And if your travels in the new year happen to take you to Santa Cruz, they welcome you to set up a tour of their small shop.

Design your own Santa Cruz Guitar.

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