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Whether you’re a traditional bluegrass picker or an emerging modern player, D’Addario’s new premium uncoated Nickel Bronze series captures the unique sound of your acoustic. These strings are engineered to bring out the distinctive tonal characteristics of your guitar and allow its true voice to shine through.


Expanding D’Addario’s industry-leading acoustic string line, Nickel Bronze features an innovative combination of nickel-plated phosphor bronze wrapped around a high-carbon NY Steel core. The nickel-plated wrap wire provides maximum clarity and resonance, as well as harmonically rich overtones for enhanced playability.

“From the moment I plucked a chord after installing the strings, the sound difference was immense,” says beta tester Charlie S. “These strings bring out characteristics in the tone of my acoustic that I didn’t know existed.”

Beyond these heightened sound characteristics, Nickel Bronze gives you higher break resistance. Pairing the corrosion-resistant properties of nickel with the strength of NY Steel gives these strings extended life and pitch stability, so you no matter how hard you play, you’ll stay in tune.

With such vivid acoustic qualities, D’Addario’s new Nickel Bronze strings allow your guitar to speak freely and naturally, revealing a full but distinct sound that brings out the unique character of your guitar, and the best in your playing.

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Sponsored Story

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