Quentin Angus Acoustic Guitar Lesson: An Introduction To Spread Triads | ELIXIR Strings

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Unlocking the fretboard and being able to play chords all over the neck is one of the most useful skills for a guitar player to master. Having the knowledge to locate chords all over the fingerboard allows you to be creative with rhythm parts – and it will help with your soloing as well.

A useful way to begin exploring this approach is to start with simple triads – chords made up of three notes. In this video tutorial, Elixir Strings artist Quentin Angus takes a basic C chord and shows how to play “spread triads” all the way to the 12th fret and beyond. He also explains the theory behind chord inversions, making this short lesson a powerhouse of practical, applicable theory!

Explaining why he’s such a fan of Elixir Strings on his acoustic guitars, Quentin says, “I’ve been using Elixir Strings for 20+ year and nothing compares to them! The anti-rust coating makes them last, they feel great, and their sound is a huge part of my tone!”

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