Learn to Play Blues in DADGAD with Guitarist Al Petteway and Homespun

Presented by Homespun Music Instruction


Homespun-Music-InstructionLearn to use DADGAD tuning to create compelling and powerful fingerstyle blues instrumentals. Al Petteway’s unique approach to a classic genre will transform your arrangements with new ideas and thrillingly different sounds. On his DVD lesson, “Blues Guitar Arrangements in DADGAD Tuning,” Al teaches a variety of songs and styles from Delta swamp to Piedmont bounce.

Free Bonus for Acoustic Guitar readers:
Purchase “Blues Guitar Arrangements in DADGAD Tuning,” at this URL: bit.ly/HomespunDADGAD and you’ll get an extra lesson free! Al Petteway’s “Guitar Rag,” his DADGAD version of the swing/country classic, a $7.95 value.

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