Phil Keaggy Talks Capos with ELIXIR® Strings

Elixir® Strings

Elixir-Logo_note_coverThe one and only Phil Keaggy loves capos. If one is good, two are better! Check out his playing, capo technique and looping in this video by Elixir Strings.


Not familiar with Phil Keaggy?  Phil is a seven-time Dove Award winner and two-time Grammy nominee. Phil has recorded over fifty albums.  He’s toured the world for almost fifty years as a member ofGlass Harpand as a solo artist.  Phil’s melodic playing style and pure voice has made him one of the greatest pop musicians alive today.

Elixir Strings are my favorite strings in the world. I love how they feel, how they sound and how they maintain their clarity.”
– Phil Keaggy
Elixir Strings Phosphor Bronze with NANOWEB®Coating, Light Medium Gauge

What makes Elixir Strings a favorite among artists like Phil Keaggy.? It’s their great tone, no string squeak and extended tone life. And for Phil, the feel and clarity of the strings complement his playing style. The secret to all that is in the coating.

The coating not only keeps tone-killing gunk out of the gaps between the windings extending the tone life, but also provides a smooth feel and reduces finger squeak.

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