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D’Angelico EXL-1 Review

John D’Angelico’s name is synonymous with the now legendary tradition of great archtop guitar builders prevalent in the early 20th century. D’Angelico, alon... Read More...
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Takamine P3FCN Review

Posted by Doug YoungFor nearly 40 years, Takamine acoustic-electrics have been the go-to steel-string guitars for players both anonymous and celebrated,... Read More...

Taylor GS Mini Review

When Taylor Guitars introduced the Baby Taylor, a 3/4-size dreadnought, in 1996, it proved that scaled-down guitars designed for travelers or kids could be... Read More...

Jason Mraz Talks About Playing Nylon-String Guitar, Songwriting Games, and the Importance of Wordplay

Jason Mraz is a certified international pop star these days, with multiplatinum sales and a string of hit singles, but his heart is in the coffeehouse. For proof, just spin his 2001 album Live at Java Joe’s, which captures Mraz with percussionist Toca Rivera at the storied Southern California venue that also helped launch the career of Jewel. On that small stage, Mraz is in his element—singing and scatting through jazzy pop songs, nimbly grooving on acoustic guitar, delivering rapid-fire lyrics full of verbal mischief, and riffing off the crowd like a stand-up comic. In the years since, his instrumental palette and his audience has grown immensely thanks to songs like “The Remedy (I Won’t Worry),” the reggae-tinged “I’m Yours,” and “Lucky” with Colbie Caillat (for a transcription, see page 54), but the basic elements are the same. Strip away the production, and you have a guy with an acoustic guitar who thrives on the no-frills live experience.