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Video Lesson: Learn to Play the Talking Blues

noel paul stookey holding his guitar

Sometime in the 1920s, a peculiar form of blues emerged that was substantially different from the better-known varieties. The style is commonly known today as talking blues. Despite the moniker, however, it rarely employs the 12-bar chord progression that is…



Add Fingerpicking Fills to Melody Lines

Andrew DuBrock with guitar
The goal of good fingerpicking accompaniment is to support the song you’re playing the best you can. Short fills between vocal lines, like the one in Example 9, can be a nice contrast to straight pattern picking.

Gear Review: Yamaha CSF-TA

Yamaha CSF-TA
Few musical pleasures compare to playing well-made small guitars. They’re comfortable. They resonate easily. They reward a subtle touch in ways few of their big siblings can match.