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Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy knows how to write a song. He’s written hundreds of them, maybe even thousands, and you don’t get that far without learning a thing or two.

His book, “How To Write One Song,” demystifies the songwriting process. Tweedy cuts to the heart of it, breaking down what it means to be a “Songwriter” into its simplest parts and presenting each one, well, simply. 

To begin? Just get started. Then enjoy the journey, the freedom of creativity, and the effortless ease of a Kyser Quick-Change® Capo.

The fastest and most reliable way to change keys, this Kyser Quick-Change® Acoustic Guitar Capo features a patented trigger design for easy, one-handed changes and a custom multi-color finish created using the all-new Kyser® ColorMatch™ System.

Unlock the secrets of the song with Jeff Tweedy and Kyser Quick-Change® Capos. You might find more than just your music falling into tune.

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