Ovation Introduces 6 New Guitars at Winter NAMM 2016 to Celebrate 50 Years

Darren Wallace from Ovation shows off the:

FD14, which features a cedar top, with koa rosette and binding, and abalone purling, and a wide-profile five-piece mahogany neck with a slotted headstock. It’s also available as a 14-fret regular-width neck version, with a contoured cutaway body.


Two multi-soundhole models are available with gold epaulets and purfling, and a curly maple neck. Again, they are available in a 12-fret model with wider neck, and a 14-fret model with a narrower neck and a cutaway. 50 of each are planned.

This year is also the 40th anniversary of the Adamas, and Ovation has two new models. Both feature a carbon-fiber top, finished in a special ruby red (the 40th anniversary gem), with gold and cocobolo trim. The 14-fret model has a cutaway body, while the 12-fret model has a full body with special “bearclaw” holes that brings back a very early design element from Ovation’s history.

—Greg Olwell

Acoustic Guitar Editors
Acoustic Guitar Editors