Nat Myers Country Blues | Acoustic Guitar Sessions

Watch Nat Myers perform a couple rollicking tunes and reflect on his road to the country blues.

Nat Myers is fully absorbed by the blues; the sounds, the stories, the feeling. “There is no music that has touched the chambers of my heart the way that the blues has.”

Myers still remembers the first time the blues touched him. As a kid he was driving cross-country with family, his father put on a tape of Carl Martin’s “Old Time Blues.” “I remember thinking, ‘What is this music? What is this song?’ I must have listened to that tape a hundred times in the car.”


After studying poetry and teaching himself to play guitar (left-handed), Myers started sharing his own blues, first on the streets, busking in New York City, now touring around the world.

Myers stopped by the Acoustic Guitar offices near San Francisco while touring with his latest record, Yellow Peril. He played intricate, yet driving fingerstyle, on his Mavis resonator from Mule Guitars, stomping along with fervor.

Joey Lusterman
Joey Lusterman

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