Here at AG, we’re huge fans of Guitar Moves, a YouTube series hosted by guitarist Matt Sweeney where he interviews veteran axeslingers on technique, music, and craft.

The most recent episode features the legendary Keith Richards and it’s adorable how nervous Sweeney looks at the start of this interview!


Richards kicks off the conversation with this knowledge bomb: “I would say that the acoustic guitar is the most important thing for a guitar player to start with. Learn the feel and the touch of the string and what it does against a fret. Learn that and then you can add the effects later on. You want to be a guitar player, you have to have your grounding. It’s like anywhere else. An astronaut doesn’t start in space, somebody’s got to build a rocket.”

Watch above as Richards shares stories about the influence of his musician grandfather, talks about the chords he learned to play by listening to records, and picks up a guitar to show off the five-string trick. “It’s cheaper,” Richards explains. “You don’t have to spring for the extra string.”

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