Watch Mimi Fox’s Jazzy Takes on “Blackbird” & “Blue Bossa”| Acoustic Guitar Sessions

Mimi Fox is uniquely positioned to wow you with her playing, and then pull the curtain back and show you how she did it. And her jazz guitar chops and her teaching pedigree (Berklee College of Music, Yale, the California Jazz Conservatory) are on full display in this Acoustic Guitar Session.


Watch Mimi’s take on the The Beatles classic “Blackbird,” which flies all up and down the neck with a series of harmonizations, arpeggio inversions, and other great jazz guitar techniques. She also gives a mini-lesson on how she arranged and plays this piece, so get your pencils (and guitars) out! Then, she performs and explains her take on the jazz classic “Blue Bossa.”

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Joey Lusterman
Joey Lusterman

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