Michael Watts Acoustic Guitar Lesson: Phosphor Bronze vs 80/20 Bronze Strings

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Elixir Strings Phosphor Bronze or 80/20 Bronze acoustic guitar strings? It’s one of the most frequently asked questions. 

In this video, award-winning guitarist Michael Watts plays both in a series of musical examples to find out what effect string composition has on the sound and playability of your guitar. 


  • 0:00 Intro 
  • 0:52 80/20 Bronze Fingerstyle Standard Tuning 
  • 2:09 80/20 Bronze Strumming 
  • 2:56 80/20 Bronze Fingerstyle DADGAD 
  • 3:54 80/20 Bronze Recap 
  • 4:35 Phosphor Bronze Fingerstyle Standard Tuning 
  • 5:37 Phosphor Bronze Strumming 
  • 6:27 Phosphor Bronze Fingerstyle Standard Tuning 
  • 7:23 Phosphor Bronze Recap & Conclusion 

There is a massive range of color and timbre to explore with these strings, we recommend listening on headphones to get the best of these detailed recordings. 

Michael is playing Elixir Strings Phosphor Bronze and 80/20 Bronze both with NANOWEB Coating (12-53) on the same instrument. He plays through a series of beautiful musical examples including singer songwriter fingerstyle playing, strumming with a 1mm pick and fingerstyle in DADGAD tuning. 

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