Meet the Taylor AD17 Blacktop Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Sponsored by Taylor Guitars:

Taylor’s American Dream Series is all about delivering exceptional performance at a more accessible price for all kinds of musicians, and the AD17 Blacktop fits the bill with all-solid tonewoods, tone-boosting V-Class bracing and signature Taylor playability. This U.S.-made Grand Pacific dreadnought guitar boasts back and sides of solid American walnut paired with a solid Sitka spruce top, serving up a warm, seasoned tone with notes that blend into one another for a rich, woody midrange and a low-end response that will grow more pronounced as the wood ages. Inside, the innovative V-Class bracing structure dials up louder volume, longer sustain and cleaner harmony all the way down the neck, making this a versatile choice for virtually any playing style or musical application. Since it’s a Taylor, playing comfort is paramount, and the slender neck and rounded body edges make it a joy to hold and play regardless of your skill level. Finished off with a striking black treatment for the top, the AD17 offers everything an everyday guitar player needs, including a lightweight, durable AeroCase for storage and transportation.

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