Sponsored by Taylor Guitars:

Meet the Taylor GT, a new acoustic body shape designed from the ground up to provide an accessible, exciting playing experience for guitarists of all styles. Crafted with a reduced scale length of 24-1/8″, the compact GT offers a fun, relaxed feel that will appeal to everyone from longtime players to new learners strumming their first chords. It’s slightly larger than Taylor’s GS Mini but smaller than the full-size Grand Concert, sitting in the sweet spot where playing comfort and rich tone intersect. The GT’s all-solid-wood construction helps it generate surprising projection and power for its size, with a pairing of a spruce top with back and sides made from responsibly sourced Urban Ash that serves up a punchy midrange response. For the interior structure, Taylor has adapted their tone-enhancing V-Class bracing to the GT’s smaller footprint, resulting in a new architecture called C-Class bracing that specifically boosts the bass range. Altogether, the GT’s response features warmth and clarity in equal measure, with enough volume and sustain to make it a perfect musical companion for everything from home or studio recording to live performances to practice sessions at home.

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