Meet the Builder’s Edition 324ce

Sponsored by Taylor Guitars:

The Taylor Builder’s Edition 324ce introduces new, sustainably sourced Urban Ash to the Taylor acoustic lineup, adding a fresh musical flavor in a sleek, contoured package.

Made with back and sides of sustainably sourced Urban Ash and a solid mahogany top, the Builder’s Edition 324ce combines the tone-enhancing power of V-Class bracing with a new tonewood whose midrange-focused sonic profile will please guitar players from across styles and genres. The mahogany top acts as a natural compressor, evening out the attack for a smooth response that’s balanced across the tonal spectrum. True to Builder’s Edition form, this Grand Auditorium is outfitted with a handful of player-friendly appointments like an armrest, beveled cutaway and Silent Satin finish, which reduces incidental noise while playing. All told, it’s an exciting new musical tool for players seeking a comfortable, expressive guitar with the power and sustain to perform in any venue or musical situation.

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