May 2021 Acoustic Guitar Auction Report

A 1943 Martin 000-18 and a 1999 custom engraved National Tricone Style 4 were among the 19 guitars sold in Acoustic Guitar’s recent online auction.
Two acoustic guitars with bright light

1943 Martin 000-18, a 1999 custom engraved National Tricone Style 4, a 1965 Di Giorgio Serie Artistica Autor No. 3, and a 2008 Collings D42 were highlights among the 19 guitars sold in Acoustic Guitar’s most recent online instrument auction, which ran from May 13 through May 27. Nearly 100 bidders participated, also purchasing instruments from esteemed small shops Santa Cruz, Lowden, Goodall, and Hill; individual luthiers Jeff Jewitt and Peter Wicklund; international powerhouses Taylor, Gibson, and Alvarez-Yairi; and brands that are gone but hardly forgotten, Langejans, Mossman, and Tacoma.

In addition to pleasing the lucky buyers and satisfied sellers, the auction also benefitted the Bill Collings Memorial Fund, which supports guitar education in public schools and programs.


The next Acoustic Guitar auction starts February 18, 2022 and closes February 28, featuring 20 noteworthy guitars, including examples from Petros, Martin, Gibson, and Taylor.

  • 2006 Alvarez-Yairi WY1BR acoustic guitar
  • 2014 Collings 02H Concert acoustic guitar
  • 2008 Collings D42 Varnish Dreadnought acoustic guitar
  • 1965 Di Giorgio Serie Artistica Autor No. 3 Nylon-String guitar
  • 1997 Gibson ES-135 Semi-Hollow Electric guitar
  • 1998 Gibson ES-175 Hollowbody Electric guitar
  • 1993 Gibson J-200 VS Jumbo acoustic guitar
  • 2003 Goodall Concert acoustic guitar
  • 2017 Jewitt OM-MPL Orchestra acoustic guitar
  • 2002 Kenny Hill Munich Nylon-String guitar
  • 2004 Langejans RGC-6 Concert acoustic guitar
  • 2016 Lowden S50 acoustic guitar
  • 1943 Martin 000-18 Orchestra acoustic guitar
  • 1999 National Tricone Style 4 Custom Resonator guitar
  • 1974 S. L. Mossman Flint Hills Special Dreadnought acoustic guitar
  • 2012 Santa Cruz 00 Grand Concert acoustic guitar
  • 1998 Tacoma Papoose P1E Custom High-Tuned acoustic guitar
  • 2008 Taylor 914ce Grand Auditorium acoustic guitar
  • 2017 Wicklund DR-16 Dreadnought acoustic guitar


This article originally appeared in the September/October 2021 issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine.

David Lusterman
David Lusterman

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