Maximize The Sonic Potential of Your Guitar

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The Tone Traveler is a revolutionary device designed to enhance the sound of acoustic instruments. It attaches to your guitar or other acoustic instrument and generates an array of selectable sonic vibrations via the included tablet to accelerate the aging process of the wood, a crucial factor in improving an instrument’s tone.

When you play an acoustic instrument, the sound waves interact with the wood, gradually changing its structure and resulting in a more mature and desirable sound over time. However, many guitar owners struggle to find the time to play their instruments for extended periods, slowing down this natural aging process.

The Tone Traveler offers a solution by simulating the effects of continuous play through sonic vibrations. By applying these vibrations to your instrument, the device replicates the sound waves created when playing, effectively breaking in the instrument faster.

Whether you have a vintage guitar, brand-new guitar, or one that has undergone repair, the Tone Traveler can help you achieve a sought-after “broken-in” timbre more quickly. It’s an ideal companion for the musician/collector who wants to unlock the full potential of their instruments, even if they have limited time to play each day.

In summary, the Tone Traveler is a game-changing device that accelerates the aging process of acoustic instruments, allowing guitarists to achieve a rich and mature tone in their instruments, regardless of how busy life gets.

Get a Tone Traveler at and hear the best your guitar has to offer.

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