Martin Guitar Unveils Its Titanium Core Acoustic Guitar Strings: Winter NAMM 2017


By Greg Cahill


In this Winter NAMM 2017 video interview, Jerry Lawlor of C.F. Martin & Co. talks about the proprietary process the company used in development of its new Titanium Core, nickel-wrapped acoustic-guitar strings, the latest addition to Martin’s popular SP string line.

Here is what Martin says about its new product:
Titanium strings are built around overall set tension and ultimate playability. The playability of the set is indicated by tension as opposed to the actual gauge of the individual strings. For example, a “Light” tension set may actually have a 27 gauge G string which is usually considered “Medium Gauge,” but the feel and tension of that string is equivalent to a 25 gauge or “Light Gauge” G string.
To break it down, if you play “Light Gauge” Phosphor Bronze strings, you would choose “Light Tension” Titanium strings.
Martin employs a unique and proprietary winding process for their titanium strings that produces strings like nothing else on the market. This process allows us to use materials that have never been used before to make guitar strings. This is a slow and methodical mechanical process that ensures the most consistent and securely wrapped string, an attribute that affects every aspect of the string’s playability, endurance, and tone. The improved coupling and consistent gap between the round core wire and the wrap wire results in
superb intonation.
Martin’s Titanium Core strings use true titanium for the core wire of this new breed of strings. The titanium core wire is round, not hex, and titanium is more flexible than steel, providing a very comfortable playing experience while remaining strong and durable. The plain strings are also unique to this product, as they are cryogenically treated stainless steel. The cryogenic treatment protects the string and brings out more brilliance in the stainless steel, while the stainless steel itself provides enhanced flexibility and comfort.
Martin uses nickel to wrap the titanium strings. Nickel is naturally corrosion resistant and holds its tone for a very long time. The nickel and titanium work together to provide the ultimate corrosion-free string.
Acoustic Guitar Editors
Acoustic Guitar Editors