By Mark Kemp

AUSTIN, Texas — “What kind of acoustic are you playing today,” I asked the exquisite singer, songwriter, and guitarist Margaret Glaspy as she prepared to go onto the Acoustic Guitar stage at the Brooklyn Country Cantina Saturday during the South by Southwest Music Conference.

She furrowed her brow: “Oh, I’m playing an electric today. I’m sorry!”


Sorry? She shouldn’t be. The amiable young singer, who recently signed with ATO Records and has never met an interesting guitar chord she didn’t like, is equally talented on both acoustic and electric. So if you, dear AG readers, don’t mind, we’re showing you a clip of one of the highlights from her upcoming album — the title song, “Emotions and Math.”

What you’ll see is that, not only do Glaspy’s guitar licks sting, but so do her words, as she traverses relationships, sex, and gender issues with a sweet bravado.

If you like this, go check out a few of her Youtube videos — in particular, this one, this one, and this one. Yep, Glaspy plays electric guitar like a goddess, but her acoustic bona fides are well documented.

And stay tuned to AG‘s online video series Acoustic Guitar Sessions — we’re dying to get Glaspy in here, and she’s promised us a date! We’re pretty sure she won’t be standing us up.


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