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Sponsored by LR Baggs:

“The LR Baggs Voiceprint DI is an absolute game changer! That has been said before about new pieces of gear, but this is a piece of gear that I don’t ever want to play without again. In less than three minutes, I was able to dial in a DI tone that I have been looking for my entire career. And I love the tone I was already getting with my Anthem SL and Lyric pickups…but this took that already great tone and completely enhanced it and made it sound EXACTLY like my guitar. For a bluegrass/acoustic guitarist…this is what we have all been waiting on. I’m thrilled for the world to get ahold of these! Way to continually knock it out of the park, LR Baggs!” – Trey Hensley

Watch Trey Hensley demo the Voiceprint DI and learn more about the Voiceprint DI!