Learn The Rumba Flamenco Strum In 7 Easy Steps with Marcelo Berestorov and JamPlay.com


Master Flamenco guitarist Marcelo Berestovoy teaches you how to play SC_JamPlay_logothe basic rumba strum pattern in 7 easy steps.


Once you know this strum pattern you can apply it to some simple Spanish chord progressions and you’re playing Flamenco guitar!

Of course there is much more to learning the art of Flamenco. Marcelo teaches an in-depth course over at JamPlay.com. You’ll learn fundamental rhythms like rumba, bolero, gypsy, bossa, salsa, 6/8 rhythms and so much more.

And Marcelo teaches live on webcam in the JamPlay member area – it’s like a Skype guitar lesson masterclass. You can type your questions and he’ll respond. You can even turn your webcam on and he’ll give you constructive feedback on your playing – instantly!

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