Learn How to Set Up Your Taylor or Martin with MusicNomad’s KISS Method

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MusicNomad and Geoff Luttrell team up to show you how to setup your Taylor Acoustic Guitar with easy-to-follow how-to setup instructions using MusicNomad’s Precision Gauges and Tools and the KEEP IT SIMPLE, SETUP (KISS)™ method. Don’t have a Taylor Guitar? The same process in the video can be applied to all Acoustic Guitars such as Martin, Breedlove, etc. He gives many tips and tricks along the way and does a great job of explaining the logic behind each setup task.

Setting up an Acoustic Guitar is not as straight forward as with electric guitars, so some of the steps Setting up an Acoustic Guitar is not as straight forward as with electric guitars, so some of the steps Geoff demos and explains may have to be done by a qualified repair tech which he mentions. But many of the setup tasks are easy to do by watching this video. One great thing with the MusicNomad Precision Gauges is that you can check the important vital areas on everything, such as String Height, String Radius and Intonation, as Geoff will show you.

Since 2001, Geoff Luttrell Master Guitar Tech has setup thousands of guitars, and also teaches countless guitar players how to setup their own guitars in his setup workshops. He does an incredible job of breaking down each setup task explaining in layman’s terms why your guitar will play and sound better by performing each setup task, and then leads you through each step, giving helpful tips and tricks along the way. Using MusicNomad’s Precision Gauges and Tools, the setup process becomes so simple to perform as you will see for yourself. Follow along with your own guitar and you will be amazed that, yes you can dial in your sound and improve your playability. Not only is it fun, but a properly setup guitar takes your guitar to a whole new level—MusicNomad’s 6 pc. Setup Gauge Set MN604 demystifies the setup process by developing innovative, high-quality gauges combined with step-by-step general guidelines anybody can follow to help setup their guitar. The Set includes a: Truss Rod Gauge, Pick Capo, String Action Gauge, 2 Radius Gauges, Nut Height Gauge, a 24-page instructional booklet & a nice carrying case. 

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