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Singer-songwriter Layna stopped by the AG studio to perform three original songs and talk about her musical journey.

The acoustic guitar helped transform singer-songwriter Layna from an apprehensive teen into a powerhouse performer.

“I was angsty kid, with a lot of emotions. I needed a release,” she recalls, “I was in choir and band, and found a release through music.” After realizing the poetry she was writing could double as song lyrics, Layna taught herself guitar and, in time, found she felt at home performing her songs. “I love being onstage, I love sharing energy with the crowd, ” she says. “I’m an onstage girlie; that’s where I like to be.”


Taking time out from playing shows with the Black Opry (a wonderful organization supporting Black roots, folk, and country artists), Layna stopped by the Acoustic Guitar studio to share some songs and talk about her musical journey.

In this Session video, Layna plays three original tunes ranging from lovesick (“Waiting on You”) to righteous (“Seventeen Less”) to melancholy (“Birthday Cake”).

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Joey Lusterman
Joey Lusterman

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  1. The first podcast I tried listening to had a host speaking with that trendy vocal fry. It makes it hard to understand and sounds unprofessional. I couldn’t finish listening to it because it grates on my ears like like nails on a chalkboard. It would be nice to have your hosts speak in a professional, easy to understand voice without vocal fry.