Laura Snowden Performs ‘The Parting Glass’ | Acoustic Guitar Sessions in Place

Classical guitarist Laura Snowden performs "The Parting Glass" and discusses her Christopher Dean guitar in this Acoustic Guitar Session in Place.

Laura Snowden is a young master of the guitar, with quite a pedigree. She was the first guitarist to graduate from the Yehudi Menuhin School (her attendance was made possible by a donation from the Rolling Stones), her folk ensemble, Tir Eolas, performed at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, and her premiere of Julian Bream-commissioned “Catalan Peasant with Guitar” was hailed by The Guardian and Classical Guitar Magazine.

Since live performances still fall into the categories of cherished memories and hopeful futures, Snowden agreed to participate in our Acoustic Guitar Sessions in Place series. Filmed at her home in England, Snowden performs her arrangement of “The Parting Glass,” a traditional Scottish song.


She plays a spruce Christopher Dean guitar. “It’s so responsive, and I can play with all different colors on the instrument,” she says.

Stay tuned after the performance for a little lesson on using vibrato with harmonics. Snowden acknowledges that her pairing of these techniques might be a bit unusual, but finds “it can actually be a really nice way of getting [the notes] to sing a bit more.”

If you want to learn the piece, Laura has a PDF of the score (standard notation and TAB) available for purchase here.


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