Jazz Chord Improvisation Lesson with Martin Taylor

Sponsored by Artistworks

Martin Taylor has been teaching fingerstyle guitar online at ArtistWorks since 2010. Check out this free lesson where Martin breaks down how to improvise over jazz chords.


For beginners, this exercise is a great way to try out improvisation and practice playing a clean solo without too many notes to complicate it.

For more advanced fingerstyle guitarists, this is a great way to practice your improvisation skills. Add a longer backing track or loop and you can play with your own melody as long as you want.

Try more free samples like this now!

If you become a member of Martin’s Fingerstyle Guitar School at ArtistWorks, you’ll have access to a curriculum of hundreds of lessons like these, along with all the supportive backing tracks and learning materials you’ll need to progress your learning. Martin provides robust instruction for beginners to advanced players and will help you progress your playing regardless of your level of skill.

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