Introducing the NEW hybrid Acoustasonic® Player Telecaster®

Sponsored by Fender:

The new Acoustasonic Player Telecaster offers its own set of six voices and a streamlined 3-way switch for shape-shifting between acoustic and electric tones. Refined to offer a versatile, more accessible tool for the modern musician.

After 5 years of planning, building, and refining, the Acoustasonic Player Telecaster is a refined, easy-to-use, player-friendly instrument that makes the power of Acoustasonic more accessible than ever.

Details on the new Acoustasonic® Player Telecaster® and top specs include:

  • With a simplified feature set consisting of a 3-way Voice Selector and a powerful Blend Knob, the Acoustasonic Player Telecaster (APT) is our most streamlined Acoustasonic model yet. 
  • A powerful Fender and Fishman®-designed pickup system allows you to flip seamlessly between electric and acoustic voicings, while the fully hollow, naturally-resonant Telecaster body offers rich acoustic warmth when unplugged. The guitar’s body feeds the Acoustic Engine with its naturally loud and resonant design. It also makes plenty of sound unplugged – perfect for a couch jam or songwriting session.
  • Modern N4 noiseless pickup provides authentic Fender electric tones without the hum.
  • Features 3 unique voice pairs for a total of 6 “best-of” acoustic and electric voicings that can be played solo or blended to create all-new sounds. 
  • Premium Construction: Elements like the waterfall sound hole, forearm contour, scalloped heel, and recessed backplates are designed for sound, comfort, and visual appeal. New colors like Butterscotch Blonde, Shadow Burst and Arctic White – plus more neutral tones like Brushed Black.


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