Intermediate Fingerpicking Pattern

Sponsored by Elixir® Strings

Guitarist and composer Chris Woods of The Chris Woods Groove Orchestra takes you step by step through an intermediate fingerpicking pattern. Using two very simple open dream-like chords and a repetitive picking pattern this lesson is an opportunity to focus on detail and bring some serious magic into your picking. Taking fingerpicking away from being a process and into something that is alive with dynamic color.

Chris uses a Martin 000×1 with a mimesis kudos pickup always strung with Elixir® Acoustic Phosphor Bronze Strings with NANOWEB® Coating Light/Medium Gauge. These strings provide a rich and full tone and a smooth feel.

I have rehearsed for countless hours to ensure consistency in my playing. In fact, it’s the main focus for most musicians. We want our playing to be consistent, we expect our instrument to be consistent. We should expect the same from the one thing that bridges the gap between the two. Elixir Strings do that. They feel and sound consistently great. I’m not sure what players would do without them.” – Chris Woods

Elixir Strings provides three string types in its acoustic line, all with tone that lasts and lasts and lasts. The Phosphor Bronze strings with NANOWEB Coating are rich and full-bodied with sparkling high-end clarity and a smooth feel. The 80/20 Bronze with NANOWEB Coating is bright and focused with the same smooth feel as the Phosphor Bronze strings. Rounding out the acoustic line, the 80/20 Bronze with POLYWEB® Coating delivers a warm tone and slick and fast feel. Learn more about Elixir Acoustic Strings.

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Sponsored Story

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