How to Set Up Your Acoustic Guitar to Match Your Playing Style

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Different styles of play demand different action on your guitar. If you are a fingerstyle guitar player, you might want a lower action. If you are a flat picker, you might desire a higher action on your acoustic guitar. In this video, master luthier Ron Ruggiero demos simple tips to access your acoustic guitar and make the appropriate adjustments to match your playing style.

From truss rod adjustments to simple tweaks to your guitar’s saddle and nut, you will learn how to get the right action on your acoustic guitar and most importantly, maintain that playability for years to come.

With more than 40 years of professional guitar building and repair experience, check out Ron’s other acoustic repair and maintenance tips on the Elixir® Strings YouTube channel.

Elixir Strings works hard to keep your strings vibrating and that fresh-sounding tone ringing out for longer. Learn how.

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Sponsored Story

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