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Acoustic guitar wood needs moisture to play and look its best. A dry guitar can warp, shrink and worse yet, crack! Most String Instrument Manufacturers recommend the relative humidity of their instrument be kept between 40% to 55% and the temperature between 70° to 78° Fahrenheit or 21° to 26° Celsius. 

Protecting your acoustic guitar just got easier with the Humitar ONE, an all-in-ONE humidifier and hygrometer. MusicNomad, the leader in equipment care, has developed an easy to use, no mess, low maintenance guitar humidifier and a humidity and temperature monitor that is simple, accurate and reliable. The Humitar ONE safely releases moisture evenly to eliminate potential problems such as warping, shrinking and, worse yet, cracking. The innovative Humid-i-Bar reusable sponge holds a lot more water than the competition. This means less monitoring on your end while, resting assured, your fine guitar is cared for. To ensure your guitar is in the safe zone, the Humitar ONE accurate sensor monitors your string instrument’s environment every 20 seconds and gives you the humidity and temperature readings on its LCD display. It also gives you the maximum and minimum range over the period you are measuring and can be reset at any time. The Humitar ONE comes with many cool features such as a reminder of the humidity and temperature safe zone at which you want to keep your string instrument, a long-lasting AG 13 battery, and Fahrenheit or Celsius readings. 

Sponsored Content: Music Nomad Humitar
Sponsored Content: Music Nomad Humitar

Do you already own one of MusicNomad existing Humitars? You’re in luck! MusicNomad also offers the guitar hygrometer – HONE, as a stand alone item (MN312) that you can easily replace the existing Humitar lid and snap in the HONE guitar hygrometer! Not only does the HONE clip onto existing Humitars it also works great to monitor all guitar humidifiers. It even clips over 2-way humidifier packs so you can assure your 2-way humidifier is working correctly. The HONE can be placed in any guitar case or room. Monitoring and properly humidifying your instrument just got easier with the Humitar ONE Acoustic Guitar Hymidfiier & Hygrometer and HONE Guitar Hygrometer. So many ways to HONE into the Safe Zone!

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