Hear the Taylor GS Mini-e Special Edition Caramel Burst

Sponsored by Taylor Guitars:

Guitar players like singer-songwriter Heather Nation love Taylor’s GS Mini guitars for their portable size that doesn’t sacrifice bold, punchy sound. For musicians of all styles and skill levels, the GS Mini offers a travel-friendly option that’s ready to go at a moment’s notice, perfect for everything from strumming chords on the couch at home to campfire jam sessions and open mic nights. With its solid-wood top, the GS Mini serves up a clear, articulate voice with enough projection and power to perform alongside vocals and other instruments, and its compact size and slender neck profile make for a comfortable, accommodating feel whether it’s your first guitar or just the latest addition to the collection. For those seeking a bit of extra visual flair, the Taylor GS Mini-e Special Edition Caramel Burst delivers with a beautifully finished top that’s sure to catch your audience’s attention wherever you play. This model features onboard ES-B electronics with a built-in digital tuner and includes a structured gig bag for safe storage and transportation.

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