I’ve been on a George Harrison kick lately, watching a lot of Harrison YouTube performances and listening to his CDs. I’ve loved the guy since the first Beatles album, and followed every twist and turn in his solo career. But I think my current obsession was inspired by listening to the excellent debut album—In Parallel—by his son Dhani, who looks and sounds so much like him (and will turn 40 next year; wow!), and hearing the magnificent Traveling Wilburys so much in the wake of Tom Petty’s untimely death.

Anyway, I stumbled across this video of my favorite late-era GH song, “Any Road,” which appeared on George’s posthumous final album, Brainwashed, completed by Dhani and Jeff Lynne and released in 2002.  It’s from a 1997 appearance on VH-1, though this appears to be a re-broadcast on the day of George’s death, November 29, 2001. That’s sitar legend Ravi Shankar sitting to his left. What a wonderful song (even in this early imperfect performance) and sentiment! George is still SO missed!   —Blair Jackson


And here’s a bonus video for y’all: From the Bob Dylan 30th anniversary concert in 1993, “My Back Pages,” featuring a gaggle of my heroes—George, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Roger McGuinn, Dylan, Eric Clapton, and others. Stunning!

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