By Adam Perlmutter

Not long before the coronavirus pandemic, Adam Miller, a guitarist and composer from Australia, stopped by AG’s San Francisco Bay Area headquarters with some choice guitars at hand: a fan-fretted Traugott 00 and a Ken Parker archtop named Lucky. In this video, Miller, known for his intense fingerstyle technique, impeccable timing, and penchant for jazz harmony, breaks down the specs of each guitar and explains how these decidedly different instruments work well for his approach.

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Miller also plays his composition “Parker,” which he dedicated to the luthier. To get a sense of the depth of Miller’s right-hand work, try playing the main theme of the tune (notation shown below), which starts around 5:37 on the video. It is no mean feat to coordinate the melody, bass line, and percussive accents at—all while maintaining an effortless groove at tempo.

"Parker" by Adam Miller guitar music notation excerpt

Adam Miller’s latest album, Unify, is available in CD, LP, and digital formats at his Bandcamp page.

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