Gibson Generation Collection | Artist Interview Series

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We collaborated with songwriters and players who represent a new, wildly diverse generation of genre-crushing musicians to showcase our new collection. Our artist interview series focuses on their creative ethos, artistic process, and what it means to hear more of themselves with their Generation Collection acoustic.

In this video, Scarypoolparty (Alejandro Aranda) discusses why he picked up the guitar and some of his musical influences. He talks about how the acoustic guitar lends itself to self-expression, his unique right-hand technique, and what he looks for in an acoustic guitar. He also gives us his thoughts about the new Generation Collection G-200, from how it allows him to hear and accent what he’s playing to the neck profile and even its appearance. He also discusses his songwriting and storytelling process. He leaves us with this closing thought about the Gibson Generation Collection G-200: “I think for every musician it’s going to be a different experience, but for me at least, I think it’s just an overall awesome instrument.”

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