Gear Review: G7th Performance 2 Could Be Your Go-To Gigging Capo

Streamlined new capo updates an already handy design.

Smaller, faster, lighter. You’d think a company whose product is regularly voted “Best Capo of the Year” would leave well enough alone. But it didn’t—instead, UK-based G7th took a great capo and made it an awesome one.

Whereas the original G7th Performance capo requires a backward press of the release lever, the Performance 2 operates with a forward push. While this may seem trivial, in everyday use it makes the Performance 2 even easier to operate one-handed than the original.

One thing I appreciate about the G7th Performance 2 capo is that it allows me to set the string tension quickly and easily. You just squeeze the capo to your desired tightness (the way you instinctively do it when playing a barre chord). This is in contrast to the ubiquitous spring-loaded capos that allow for no tension adjustments and can sometimes pull your strings sharp. The Performance 2 is also 25-percent smaller than the original, which makes wrapping your hand around the capo (as you would when playing a cowboy B7 chord) effortless.


OK, at this point you’re saying to yourself, “I’ve already got half a dozen capos scattered around the house. Do I really need another one?” Simply put, yes. Emphatically yes.  And it’s especially true if you gig, because the Performance 2 goes on so quickly and easily you won’t have to fiddle with it onstage. Even more important is that you won’t suffer any capo-related re-tuning.

At 30 bucks, the G7th Performance 2 capo isn’t cheap. But when you see the quality of the materials and workmanship, plus the completely unique way this product works, you’ll understand why. It’s a guitar accessory that may very well outlive the guitar you bought it for. 

At a Glance: G7th Performance 2 Capo

Slimmer and lighter than before.


Lightning fast squeeze-on, squeeze-off action.

Stores behind the nut or on the peghead when not in use.

$40 street

Acoustic Guitar magazine's January 2017 issue cover featuring Guy Clark

This article originally appeared in the January 2017 issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine.

Dennis Globus
Dennis Globus

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