Francisca Valenzuela Plays the Taylor GS Mini Mahogany

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For years, the Taylor GS Mini has inspired guitar players of all styles and skill levels with its portable frame and bold musical punch. For Taylor player and singer-songwriter Francisca Valenzuela, her GS Mini Mahogany is a constant source of creativity, a reliable songwriting partner as well as a performance guitar with a big enough voice to sound great in any scenario. A shorter scale length and compact body contours give the GS Mini Mahogany an intimate, accommodating feel that makes fretting and strumming a breeze for any player, and the solid mahogany top serves up a woody tonal character that sounds great when recorded through a microphone or the included pickup. Whatever you need out of an acoustic guitar, the GS Mini has you covered at a moment’s notice. Watch Francisca’s episode of Taylor Soundcheck and hear why she loves her GS Mini Mahogany.

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Sponsored Story

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