For the Love of Music – Bill Scott 

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Bill Scott is a music producer who has collaborated with a variety of well known musicians. We are beyond thrilled to meet with him, show him our NEXG guitar and hear about his story of being a musician. 

Do you have any influences? What’s your inspiration as a musician?

Bill: My inspiration as a musician comes from musicians that I admired, so guys like Frank Zappa, to Kurt Cobain, to Bowie, and then the inspiration for music and what I do in music, who I work with is love. Music to me is love.

When writing a song, how do your ideas come to you?

Bill: The journey of me with writing. If I’m writing on my own, it’s usually something that catches my attention that I write about. If I’m producing somebody else, my goal is to make sure their vision is achieved. So it’s just really important that people get to communicate with what they want to communicate through their music.

Can you tell us more about your music? 

Bill: In my music, my personal music, I communicate a lot of satire. Some of my stuff is about just the greediness of life. Looking at, sometimes, terrible things trying to make them funny. Sometimes, you’re gonna look at some things in the world and make light of them.

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Sponsored Story

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