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Incorporating low notes into progressions that aren’t simply the root note of chords gives great scope for changing the feel and leading the listener’s ear. These “slash chords,” as they’re sometimes known, are great to use on acoustic guitar for a big, full sound, but can be used in almost any musical setting.

Flynn Cohen, Elixir® Strings artist and current Peghead Nation instructor, uses a simple but effective chord progression to illustrate the slash chord concept. The main challenge might be getting your fingers round the new voicings, but it’s worth the effort for the additional harmonic interest! 

“Elixir Strings sound and play the best. They also last exponentially longer.”
–Flynn Cohen, Plays Acoustic 80/20 Bronze Strings with NANOWEB® Coating

In addition to acoustic guitar, Flynn plays mandolin (yes, he uses Elixir Mandolin Strings) and has performed all over the world with many notable acts in traditional and contemporary acoustic music. He can be seen in concert with the award-winning American folk band Low Lily and legendary Irish accordion player John Whelan, as well as duo shows playing music from his four solo albums.

Guitarists like Flynn appreciate not only the great tone that lasts and lasts, but also the reduced finger squeak especially during those sensitive fingerstyle moments. Find out more on how Elixir Strings protects from tone-killing dirt build-up.

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Want more acoustic lessons? Check out the Elixir Strings YouTube channel for more from Flynn and other great Elixir artists.

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