Every day is a good day to listen to some Stevie Ray Vaughan, but for this edition of Flashback Friday, please enjoy a rare acoustic guitar solo and a brief interview with the man and legend in 1983, back when he was still relatively unknown. (His debut studio album, Texas Flood, came out later that year.)

The clip starts with a short interview on his background, then Vaughan launches into a seductive, improvised 12-bar blues on a beat-up vintage Gibson.


“Been playing for about 21, 22 years, professionally for 16,” he says. “I’ve done the best I can with carrying on a flame with rhythm and blues and rock ’n’ roll. Many many bar gigs, you know. Slept in ’em, lived in ’em, literally. And it’s paid off. Here we are.”

If you’d rather skip the interview and go straight to the sweet sweet music, it starts around the 1:14-minute mark.

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