Flash Sale: Acoustic Guitar Amplification Essentials

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Acoustic Guitar Amplification Essentials Guide cover

Get answers to all your acoustic amplification questions with Acoustic Guitar Amplification Essentials: Complete Edition – the ultimate guide to amplifying your acoustic guitar.

Learn how to use monitors, PAs, EQ, and effects. Discover the differences between the various pickups, the strengths of each, and how to install them. Learn how to choose and position microphones to capture your guitar’s natural tone.


Order now and pay just $9 (that’s 64% off the regular $24.99 price). You’ll receive the download link instantly by e-mail after check out.

Acoustic Guitar Amplification Essentials: Complete Edition contains 146 minutes of video instruction with Doug Young. Includes:

  • Introduction to Amplifying Acoustic Guitars
  • All About Pickups
  • Acoustic Preamps
  • Pickup Installation
  • Using Microphones
  • Amplifiers and PA Systems
  • Equalization and Effects
  • Monitors

Please note: This $9 offer is valid until 2/15/2016 at midnight PST.