Acoustic Guitar Auction Results

Many thanks to the bidders in the Acoustic Guitar 30th Anniversary Auction, which ended at midnight on Sunday, May 10. Many people have asked why these guitars are considered so special. The reason: Only two of each model was ever made, incorporating a specially designed Acoustic Guitar 10th Anniversary ornament. One of each was given away in celebration of Acoustic Guitar‘s 10th anniversary year in 2000. The others became part of our private collection which is now up for auction.

The winning bids on all twelve of the guitars exceeded their reserve prices, so the entire collection will soon be dispersed around the United States. While several instruments sold above their current market value, many were acquired at enviously low prices.


Click on the make and model to see photos, detailed specs, and a video of the guitar played by one of Acoustic Guitar‘s contributing artists.

InstrumentMarket ValueWinning Bid
Breedlove C22$6,500$4,655
Collings D41$10,000$6,655
Gibson SJ-200$6,500$6,925
Guild JF65-12$3,750$3,675
Larriveé LV-10$6,400$6,325
Martin HD-28VS$4,500$6,275
National Style O$4,390$4,794
Ovation Adamas CVT$500$2,250
Rainsong WS1000$2,500$2,865
Santa Cruz PJ$11,500$7,555
Taylor 914C$6,500$4,555
Yamaha CPX15N$5,000$3,125

We are excited to announce that Acoustic Guitar is contributing $13,158, or 50% of the net proceeds from this event, to the Bill Collings Memorial Fund in support of guitar education in public schools and programs. This gift is being made in honor of everyone who placed a bid in the auction, win or lose!

Thanks to everyone who participated and is making a difference for the next generation of musicians!

Acoustic Guitar Editors
Acoustic Guitar Editors